Retreats: Marblehill – NOWNESS

In this collaboration with Impossible, Lily Cole and Kwame Ferreira headed to the woods and the fields to meet Mark Boyle, who also goes by the moniker ‘The Moneyless Man.’ The Irish artist and activist is best known for creating the Freeconomy Community, and for having lived without money since November 2008. Living off grid—without electricity or technology—Boyle opens his doors to visitors who can choose to share his lifestyle for as long, or as little, as they desire. The residents of Marblehill, living “in full connection with the natural world,” spend their days tending the crops and plants on which their livelihood depends, while putting away the technologies, communities, and social structures which represent the often punishing pace of modern life.

Cole’s film—which was produced for (and originally shown at) the Serpentine Work Marathon—isn’t the first time the actor and model has examined unusual spaces and places. With NOWNESS she has previously premiered Full Circles—an architectural study of Cuba’s revolutionary art schools—and Wild Rubber, a deep dive into life in the Brazilian Amazon. Coming closer to home, Marblehill is similarly concerned with different ways of living, outside of the constrictions of modernity.

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