Restless by Stephen Locke; Thunderstorm Stock Footage

Supercell thunderstorm time lapse cinematography stock footage by Stephen Locke.
Welcome to Meteorological Spring!
The Meteorology community regards March 1st as the first day of Spring, AKA Meteorological Spring. The atmosphere begins to warm and becomes restless as do plants, animals and storm chasers. We’ve all grown weary of the stasis imposed by Winter. With pent-up energy, we are antsy and eager to experience the eruption of Spring storms.
In this concupiscent spirit, I made the movie Restless. I mixed and arranged the musical score to express the atmosphere’s fitful march forward, always reorganizing, forever dynamic, never unchanging. I combined the soundtrack with time-lapse footage to convey impatience and power.
As a storm chaser, I feel a kinship with the atmosphere. The arrow of time and entropy compels us forward. We perpetually seek next, next, next. We are forever Restless.

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