Researcher: Prologue / Sci-Fi Short Film

It’s the first part of my sci-fi short film I’ve been working on since 2015. This is the beginning of an unexpected journey to the station on an inhabited planet which is supposed to become a colony. The main character receives a message of a serious anomaly on this planet and he needs to get there to find out what exactly happens.
For more than 4 years I created different ideas and concepts until I found the best technical way to bring my vision to life. The most difficult part of this project was the animation. It’s the first time ever when I was animating a character. I’ll try to improve what I’ve done in the next part of this short film.
This full CG project is split into three logical parts and I will be releasing each of them separately. The next two parts will reveal what the source of this anomaly is.

Direction, Design, CGI, Sound Editing: Vladislav Solovjov
Modelling: Evgeny Park (Klickstop), Vladislav Solovjov

Thank you for watching and for your support!

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