Raw Materials: Jeremy Deller – NOWNESS

In this film from director Lorenzo Cisi—the first in a new series profiling some of the world’s most exciting creators about their practice—British-born artist Jeremy Deller talks about the physical materials that are central to his own creativity. For the Turner prize-winning artist, such objects hold a special, often political, significance. Earlier this year, the prolific maker distributed bubblegum pink posters at Liverpool’s Lime Street station, which instructed commuters on how to delete their Facebook accounts. Some of the designs even found their way inside the tech company’s London headquarters. In this way, his work has often escaped confinement in galleries, which includes his writing new public service announcements for the London tube network and making a film about Depeche Mode. Examining what it means to work with material culture, the artist reflects on how things—however simple or raw—bring him both closer to and further apart from people; from ear plugs that enable him to block out urban noise, to paper that enables him to mass produce and distribute posters that blur the boundary between the personal and the political.

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