Rambling: Irvine Welsh – NOWNESS

“Miami’s a sunny place for shady people” explains Irvine Welsh, the Scottish-born, US-based author whose standout works include that great, miasmic parable to the 1990s—Trainspotting. The sun-drenched Florida city (immortalized both by Will Smith and Miami Vice) that Welsh calls home is a hotbed of contradictions—a suitable setting for the award-winning and generation-defining author’s worldview: where psychedelic experiments and petty crimes coexist alongside the city’s obsession with wealth, wildness, and workouts. “I was surprised when I found out he lived in Miami,” explains filmmaker Will Robson-Scott of his film’s iconic subject. “It made me wonder which Irvine Welsh I would find. But the man who met me was highly accommodating and nomadic—his lifestyle based around wandering. He has swapped a lifestyle of booze and debauchery for juices and boxing sessions. Everyone is a product of their environment, even if those vices remain dormant under the surface.”

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