Radical Honesty

At the tail end of a great date, Jack and Rachel bond over a shared interest in deconstructing traditional relationship structures. When Jack reveals the reality of his “radical” open relationship, things take a turn for the absurd in this short film about the co-option of the language of liberation as means of manipulation and control.

Directed by: Bianca Poletti

Written by: Allison Goldfarb
DP: Corey C. Waters
Produced by: Shayna Gianelli
EPs: Mindy Goldberg + Jackie Calleiro x Bianca Poletti
Production Co: Epoch Films + Disco Pants Inc.
Starring: Allison Goldfarb + John Hein
Edit by: Nina Sacharow
Color by: Mikey Rossiter
Music Supervision: Abbey Hendrix
Post sound: Peter Trepke
Wardrobe by: Christina Flannery
Titles by: Fifty One Eight Inc
Opening song: ‘Nobody but Me’ by The Stunners

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