Private View: Laure Prouvost and Martha Kirszenbaum – NOWNESS

Turner Prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost invites us to experience her aquatic French Pavilion installation Deep See Blue Surrounding You at the 58th Venice Biennale. Crafted in collaboration with the show’s curator Martha Kirszenbaum, the Pavilion is an aqueous subterranean habitat where visitors are challenged on their notions of identity. “Prouvost’s work is about representation and what it means to be a citizen of a nation, especially when your identity is not so clear cut,” says director and long-time Nowness contributor Joseph Delaney.

“I tried to show how jazz and skateboarding culture can exist together in one person,” says director and producer Pavel Buryak. “The saxophone is meditative and helps you journey into the conscious. Then there’s skateboarding, which is part of the road to self-discovery and real courage.”

With Sasha dressed in clothes from Ukrainian streetwear brand Support by Pustovit, Born To won Best Fashion Film at Fashion Film Festival Kyiv earlier this year. The director adds, “My goal was to immerse myself in Saha’s reality and show that life is easier than it seems.”

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