Portrait of a Place: Blues Boy George

We’re excited to premiere a trilogy of scene-setting new films from London-based directorial duo James & James (comprising James Coyle and Jamie McCormack). Each of the works comprises an atmospheric portrait of a person and a place; in this instance, the pair chose Louisiana as their location, leading to ten days of street-casting and filming in the city of New Orleans.The music for each film was scored by London-based musicians St Francis Hotel. Here, the creative duo behind this tender triptych talk about filming George and the much mythologized place that he calls home:

“We met Blues Boy George in a dive bar on Frenchmen Street straight after he played a short set sharing the stage with Walter ‘The Wolfman’ Washington—who is an established presence in New Orleans, and who likes to give his old friend and protege an opportunity to play in the city. Straight away we thought there might be something in filming with George. He has a wild presence and playing style. We approached him for a chat and found ourselves sat in his white Cadillac as he smoked a spliff and told us his story, about wild nights in LA back in the day and still trying to break through with a new album he’s made, recorded in his trailer.

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