Plot Twist | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Broken plans? Unmet expectations? Get ready for a plot twist.

In this sermon, Pastor Steven Furtick turns to John 4 to show us that, when we think we know how our story will end, God moves beyond what we could ask or imagine.

He turned the ostracized woman at the well into a messenger to her people. He turned Joseph, the son sold into slavery, into the savior of countless lives. Out of Jacob’s mistakes, He produced the nation of Israel.

He doesn’t meet our expectations; He exceeds them.

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Section Titles: 
0:00 – Going Back To The Well (John 4)
2:50 – Jesus Is A Barrier Breaker
4:22 – God Doesn’t Do What We Expect 
8:22 – The Year of the Plot Twist
9:44 – It’s Okay To Be Caught of Guard
12:06 – This Isn’t Where I Thought This Was Going
15:27 – The Importance of Being Attuned To The Holy Spirit
23:05 – Get Ready For A Plot Twist (John 4, verse 5)
28:47 – Don’t Get Too Settled Into Your Story
30:24 – God Uses The Very Things You’ve Given Up On
32:38 – This Is Not The Time To Stop Believing
34:54 – Jesus Knows Who You Really Are (Genesis 48, verse 11)
36:35 – That thing you’ve given up on? It’s not over.
39:48 – God Wants To Bless You (Genesis 48, verses 11-13)
42:55 – The Unexpected Blessing (Genesis 48, verses 14-20)
46:04 – You Can’t Quit Now
48:16 – A Prayer of Blessing
52:36 – You Already Are Enough

Plot Twist | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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