Planet Hunter

The story of the student who became a planet hunter. When Anne Dattilo attended a guest lecture at the University of Texas she had no idea it would be the start of a journey involving complex algorithms, a space telescope breaking down in orbit, a trip to an observatory in the Chihuahuan desert and, finally, the discovery of two new planets.

Agency: Google Creative Lab / Xavier Barrade, Daisy Ifama, Suzie Redfern
Animation Studio: Buck / Orion Tait, Yker Moreno, Jon Gorman

Director: Daniel Soares
Exec. Producer: Anne Skopas
Line Producer: Billy Mack
Cinematographer: Christophe Colette
Editor: Dylan Edwards
Original Score: James William Blades
Sound Design: Raphael Ajuelos
Color: Seth Ricart / RCO Color
AD: Augie Alcala
PM: John Reeder
1st AC: Zachary Sprague
2nd AC: Alex Ybarra
Grip: Justin Syeb
Gaffer: Greg Travis
Sound: Andrew Smetek
PA: Carol Murrah, Raven Bosch, Ellie Enright
Client: Google

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