Picking Up The Pieces – NOWNESS

Landing in the summer of 2017, Hurricane Irma was the most powerful storm to ever hit the British Virgin Islands—doing ferocious and unforgiving damage to the community of Tortola. Directorial duo Josh Bamford and Sebastian Feehan travelled to the now deceptively tranquil island to shoot this stirring study of family, love, and human resilience in the aftermath of a once-in-a-lifetime meteorological event. Speaking about their profile of the hardy islanders, long after the media frenzy had passed, the filmmaking collaborators explain: “Irma decimated houses, boats, and nature. After it had passed, Tortola’s population had to continue living, trying to get back to normality, even amongst the rubble. People are left to rebuild both physically and mentally. When a storm of this magnitude hits, it reminds us of the fragility of society, putting everything into perspective and making people reevaluate their lives.”

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