Phil Minton’s Dirty Song – NOWNESS

Veteran musician Phil Minton joins a troupe of experimental musicians, including David Toop and Evan Parker, in this scandalous audio-visual performance from directorial duo Maxime Rossi and Clemens Habicht. The sexually suggestive film was inspired by a 1963 FBI investigation into a recording of iconic rock ‘n’ roll track ‘Louie Louie,’ in which the song’s unintelligible lyrics were assumed by the puritan-minded authorities to be profane. Speaking of the playful combination of sound and visuals, directors Rossi and Habicht explain: “During the investigation, what was brought to light was not any obscenity hidden inside of slurred speech but rather the dirty suspicions of the puritan mind. Minton’s performance can be mined for suggestions of the obscene and traces of the profane hidden brazenly in plain sight.”

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