Old Roots New Fruits | Holly Furtick | Elevation Church

God is bringing new life out of dead places.

In “Old Roots New Fruits,” Pastor Holly Furtick reminds us that if we’re rooted in Christ, we can find hope even in the places where we feel stumped.

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0:00 – Investing In The Work Of God
2:01 – A Quick Prayer To Let Go
3:28 – Old Roots, New Fruits
4:25 – Confession: I Love Christmas Ornaments
8:52 – Cut Off From The Roots
11:22 – This Stump “Looks” Dead
14:11 – The Message Of Christmas Is This
16:41 – Acknowledge The Stumps In Your Life
20:13 – What If God Was Protecting You?
22:37 – Your Roots Are There
24:46 – How To Tap Your Roots
27:07 – Make Your Request To God
29:21 – You Need A Routine
32:00 – Are You Planted?
34:55 – It May Not Look How You Expected
37:14 – God Is Doing A New Thing

Scripture References:
Isaiah 11, verses 1-3
Jeremiah 17, verses 7-8
Psalm 92, verses 12-14
John 11, verse 25

Old Roots New Fruits | Holly Furtick | Elevation Church

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