Nosy Lehibe means “Big Island” in Malagasy.

This is kind of what I felt during my holidays in Madagascar. This is certainely one of the most exciting thing I saw and I try to resume it in 2 minutes.
I decided to edit in an optimistc way despite what you can hear about this island. I choosed this point of view cause Malagasy people transmitted to me their strenght and their way of life.

Some sounds were recorded directly. For example what you can hear at 1:12 is the yell of the biggest lemur, the Indri Indri. Their yell can be heard from 5 km !

Go there and discover this country, choose local tourism to help communities to grow !

The song “Nosy Lehibe” was especially composed by my friend, the talented AIR GOAT
you can find him on his soundcloud :

If you need a local guide, contact this awesome guy

You can see some pictures of the trip on my instagram

shot with a sony A7sii and a mavic 2 pro

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