NOAH // Christian Löffler (Official Music Video)

The ways in which we connect with one another are shaped by the tools we use to communicate. When the old tools disappear, those forms of connection die with them.

This video explores the experiences of three real people in three different cities.


MONTRÉAL // Ohannes “Johnny” Bedrossian
LONDON // Magdalene Mills + Gerald Vanderpuye
BERLIN // Dylan Kerr + Jack Scollard

Directed by Mishka Kornai
Produced by Theia.Studio
Commissioned by Ki Records / Juste Survilaite

Editor: Patrick Moccia
Producer: Letty Houldsworth
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Movi Operators: Austin Sumner-Grass, Sal Redpath, Robert Paul Kothe
Montreal Producer: Rachelle Alexandra Fleury
Post Production: Ethos Studio
Camera assistants: Jon Barlas, Elliot Poyzer, Lukas Schaaf, Tucker Grindstaff
Archival Scanning: Gary Munden
Additional Still Photography: Jack Scollard, Letty Houldsworth
London Casting: Anna McAuley
London Makeup: Holly Gallienne-Schmidt
Compositing: Mishka Kornai
Paintouts: Tanner Merrill
Production Assistant: Kenny Bernklau,
Special Thanks: Jerad Anderson, Arthur Jongebloed, Gaia Seguin Lutz, Victoria Perlini, Kate Villevoye, Pippy Houldsworth, Will Niava, Dan Carr, Jeremy Comte, Sophia Murlowski, Judith Jakob, Post-Moderne, Ariel Fisher, Trevor Doherty, Luke Orlando, Fraser Munden, Rebecca Hearn, Ellen Zweig

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