NFL Week 13 Review: Ravens-49ers delivers, Texans trick Pats | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 99 FULL)

(2:20) Ahmed gives his percentage odds of a Ravens-49ers rematch in the Super Bowl

(3:45) Film Deep Dive #1: Ravens 20-49ers 17 “This was the first time all year the 49ers D-line didn’t win the battle”

(14:15) “Fred Warner is the Bobby Wagner of this defense”

(18:00) Why the 49ers should have thrown more to Deebo Samuel & Emmanuel Sanders

(26:30) Texans 28-Patriots 22 Breaking down the DeAndre to Deshaun trick play TD

(31:45) Did the Patriots offense salvage something with their late-game TDs?

(34:10) “This is where I see Tom Brady slipping”

(40:30) Who is most to blame for New England’s offense?

(42:30) “Will Fuller is the key to the Texans offense”

(46:30) Chiefs 40-Raiders 9 Despite the win, Simms & ManBearPig are both concerned about the Chiefs offense

(49:15) Derek Carr struggles again in cold weather

(53:30) Rams 34-Cardinals 7 Ahmed names Jared Goff the NFL MPP

(57:15) Packers 31-Giants 13 Happy birthday, Aaaaaron Rooooodgers

(1:00:15) Steelers 20-Browns 13 “Devlin Hodges is a natural at the deep ball”

(1:03:00) Titans 31-Colts 17 “Derrick Henry is doing it again”

(1:07:00) Dolphins 37-Eagles 31 How did the Eagles not adjust to DeVante Parker?

(1:12:15) Redskins 29-Panthers 21 “There’s no such thing as tanking.”

(1:15:40) Bengals 22-Jets 6 “The Jets roster is a bigger problem than anything”

(1:19:00) Buccaneers 28-Jaguars 11 “As we stand here, Gardner Minshew is better than Nick Foles”

(1:21:45) Broncos 23-Chargers 20 “Drew Lock made some big-time throws”

(1:24:15) Requiem For A Team In a new segment, Ahmed eulogizes the teams eliminated from playoff contention

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Ravens top 49ers in the rain & Texans trick Pats | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 99 FULL)

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