Myanmar – Between Light & Shadows

Burma | Myanmar – A country in mutation.

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The Golden Land of Dhamma vibes, Myanmar is living a deep transformation.
Of its politics, its economy, its values, its models…
Burma, the Guardian of Buddha’s original spiritual teaching, the survivor of oppressions and repressions, has now opened up to Capitalism and globalisation. Let’s hope that not only new clothes, foods & goods are entering the country but new real Freedoms.
2500 years ago, Gautama the Buddha taught a universal, non-sectarian and practical way to liberate ourselves from suffering (The Eightfold Path & The Vipassana meditation – Just as the impermanent character of all things (Anicca). However, let’s hope that this spiritual and moral heritage will persist, in this modern transition.
Indeed, if Myanmar would do so, that will be a beautiful example of an ideal healthy modern society!
May Myanmar finds Peace & Harmony.
May Myanmar Be Happy…


Filmed (in 2016) & edited (in 2019) by Artyvelle with
> Canon EOS M3 + Sony a6500
Canon EF-M 11-22
Canon EF-M 55-200
Sony Zeiss 16-70 f4
Sony 20 f2.8
> Final Cut Pro x


Cover picture by Lorenz Berna –


Music by Kabeção : ‘The first grain of sand’ + ‘reverse vision’


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