My Place: Penny Rimbaud – NOWNESS

Punk guru, philosopher ad founding member of Crass, Penny Rimbaud, invites Barbara Anastacio into his peaceful home.

In 1968, Rimbaud started renting an old farmhouse in the Essex countryside and began cultivating what would become the Dial House – an open house for a new way of living outside of society’s rules and expectations.

Today, almost 50 years later (after the community was able to buy the property at auction) the utopian vision of the Dial House is still going strong – everyone from Bjork to members of the Red Army Faction have passed through its open doors and its anti-authoritarian spirit is still very much alive along with a rejection of ostentatious living; embodied in the almost self-sufficient home, full of mementos from the raging past and tchotchkes of schools of progressive thought like Zen Buddhism

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