My Chosen Family – NOWNESS

Exploring ideas of youth, creativity, and belonging in the increasingly international and modern city of Dubai, this new film—part of the German auto manufacturer’s She’s Mercedes initiative—introduces us to Leena Al Ghouti, a 28-year-old visual artist and street-style icon who has helped to define what millennial fashion can look like in a country where global representations of youth culture are rare but ready to discover.

Al Ghouti is part of a new generation of Dubai creatives who are changing perceptions of their home country, and who are forging their own paths. At the heart of the film, and of Al Ghouti’s personal journey, is the question of the meaning of ‘home’ for young people living in this unique locale, and of how they can express themselves in the current cultural climate.

Joining Leena and her artist friends on a stirring and nostalgic road trip, we take the driving seat in the legendary Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16, which this year celebrates its 30th birthday—making it the most millennial of cars.

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