My 8-month Accutane journey with side effects and results

Accutane is usually a last-hope option for people with acne. It’s the closest there is to a cure, but it comes with a lot of side effects, which make people hesitant to use it. The side effects include extreme dryness, body soreness, sweating, and tiredness. “The Zit Fix” has followed Insider producer Celia Skvaril’s journey with acne for over a year. She went on Accutane in October 2020 as her last option to get rid of her painful cystic hormonal acne. She shares her experience on Accutane, her side effects, and, of course, her results. She also speaks with board-certified dermatologist Fatima Fahs about her options for scarring now that she has finished her Accutane course.

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