MS MR- “Think of You”

Director/Edit/VFX/Colorist- BRTHR
Directors of Photography- Ryan Dickie, BRTHR (Day 2)
Executive Producer- Tom Berendsen
Producer- Brendan Lynch
Production Manager: Jaymes Westfall
Production Company- LEGS (
Video Commissioner- Bryan Younce (Columbia Records)
Director’s US Rep- Jamie Kohn Rabineau (
VFX/Composite- WIllie Russell , BRTHR (
Lead 2D Animation- Evan Red Borja (
Additional 2D- WIllie Russell, Alec DeLise, BRTHR
Art Director- Ian Salter
TV Head Prop- Suzanne DeLise
TV MAN: Jaymes Westfall
MS MR Stylist/Wardrobe- Lana Jay Lackey
Stylist/Wardrobe- Sinclair Tucker
1st AC- Sam Wootton
Key Grip- Carlos Valdes-Lora
Gaffer- John Stevens
DIT- Abby Horton
Additional Camera (DVX, Hi8)- BRTHR, Evan Red Borja, Jeremy Cohen, Alex Zito
Makeup Artist- Kanako Takase
Hair Stylist- Helena Moke
PAs- Nicolas Hergesheimer, Alex Zito, Alec DeLise, Chris Mahoney, Jeremy Cohen, Vinnie DiCarlo

(C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

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