More Stuff by Blue Zoo Animation

What’s the true meaning of Christmas? More Stuff! We commissioned musical comedian Ben Champion to write and produce a festive song to parody an animated musical.

Everyone in our studio was invited to pitch to direct the animation, and Blue Zoo animators Simone Giampaolo and Joe Kinch’s cheeky character’s won the company wide vote.

This is what the team made!

Go behind the scenes and see how we made More Stuff:

Directed by
Simone Giampaolo & Joe Kinch

Song written and produced by
Ben Champion

Voices by
Anna Brisbin
Rasmus Hardiker
Steven Kynman
Teresa Gallagher
Paul Kissaun
Lottie Lee-Delisle

Animation Director
Bader Badruddin

Joe Kinch

Digital Matte Painter
Izzy Burton

Lead Modeller
Pietro Licini

Modelling & Texturing
Pietro Licini
Tom Flavelle
Grace Culverwell
Paul Mitcheson
Maud Bourgeais
Timmy Wong
Hannah Wong
Clementine Delcourt
Stephen Edgerton

Look Dev
Tom Flavelle

Elena Borla
Anthony Delliste

Lead Animator
Simone Giampaolo

Marc Godfrey
Bader Badruddin
Alessandra Rosso
Simon Taylor
Lizzie Hicks
Dane Winn
Alec Smith
Ben Steer
Daniel Cripps
Matt Tea

Additional Animation
Brieuc Guénolé
Zeina Masri
Margaux Couet
Birte Niedermeyer
Celia Prou

Lead Lighting TD
Tom Flavelle

Lighting TDs
Charlie Batho
Tom Martin Davies
Kate Gabriel
Emeric Renard
Leida Vincent
Yolande Clerke
Maud Bourgeais
Catherine Rabier
Timmy Wong

Lead Compositor
Charlie Batho

Paul Mitcheson
Debora Sangermano
Lisa Mandelli
Jessica Phelan
Sook Lim

Sound Engineer
Dom Boucher @ The Sound Company

Tom Box

Exec Producers
Adam Shaw
Damian Hook
Oli Hyatt MBE
Tom Box

© Blue Zoo Animation 2015

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