Mongolian Moments – A Mongolia Travel Video

� Camera I used: Sony RX100 M3 (
� Music: Dreams (Mongolia) by Hans Johnson + Play Play Play by Shtriker Big Band (Licensed through
⚡️ For a complete travel guide to Mongolia: One Week Itinerary To Mongolia Gobi Desert –

Mongolia is definitely one of the best country I’ve been to so far, way up there with New Zealand!

I spent 2 weeks in Mongolia, starting my trip in Ulaanbator and went off independently with my friends to Sainshand for a few days before going on a week tour in the Gobi desert.

During those time I had the opportunity to experience what life is like living as a nomad, not having electricity, internet access, flushing toilets, a regular shower and needless to say, I came out of this experience a changed man.

Without those things life is so much simpler, yet so much fun! The people you meet in Mongolia are the best kind of people, the people that like adventure, the people that don’t mind pooping in holes and not showering for a week, just my kind of people. �

Needless to say, I had a hell of a time in Mongolia and here are some of my favorite Mongolian Moments captured through my lens.

I hope you can feel how wild and diverse Mongolia is from this video. Enjoy watching the video, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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