Miss World: The rules banning mums taking part are 'discriminatory' – BBC News

Model Veronika Didusenko, 24, was crowned Miss Ukraine 2018 – but she had her title taken away when organisers found out she was a mum.

The rules of the competition ban anyone from taking part in the Miss World franchise if they’ve got children.

Now Veronika, who has a five-year-old son, has decided to take legal action against the contest over its policy.

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  1. No, not really. There is a time in the life of a young woman when beauty is recognized which will not be pertinent after she has had a child. The change may be positive but does not belong in beauty pageants.

  2. May I note I see some extra fluid holding tissue in her face that should not be there, if judges are looking for perfection. Is it adipose tissue ? either way, mothers belong in motherly pageants….Seems easy enough to grasp. If you are fat, you cannot be a runway model…….see what I mean about this ?


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