Millington – Being

Directed by Darcy Prendergast & Josh Thomas
Production Company:
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Producer: Christina Remnant
DOP: Thom Neal
1AC: James Bentley
Art Director: Jamie Helmer
Art Department Assistant: Sarah Kleffner
Prosthetics: Russel Sharp and Kirsty Sharp at Sharp FX
Wardrobe: Paige Prendergast
Sound: Ryan Granger and Adam Hunt at Dead On Sound
Edit & VFX: Josh Thomas
Colour Grade: Daniel Stonehouse
Colour Grading facility: Crayon
Production Assistants: James Neilson, Imogen O’Doyle
Stills: Sarah Walker
Dog Wrangler: Seamus Spilsbury

Lead Girl, Nina: Charly Thorn

Extras: Justin Green, Kelly Neilsen, Kerrie-Anne Baker, Scott Tunbridge, Travis Aulsebrooke, James Neilson, Tali Simon, Aly Zhang, Elizabeth Hobley, Julie Strini, Andrew Peter, Richard Cuss, Jamie Enrique Guterez, Will Suhr, Darcy Kinna, Bridget Morales, Irany Turral, Ella Ricca, Beau Corazon, Tim Courtman, Sidsel Sorensen, Peter Smith, Claudine Dearn, Mark Ingram, Axel Haslett

Band: Millington

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