mèrāk | an anamorphic Balkan trip (Sankor 16C)

7 trains, 3 buses, 2 rental cars, 1 ferry, 0 planes. We spent three weeks in Serbia, Montenegro and a little bit of Italy with our backpacks, a tent and a camera.

mèrāk (Cyrillic spelling: мѐра̄к)
1. Desire, yearning, and enjoyment thereof
2. Enjoyment of the simple things in life

Filmed on a GH5 with the Sankor 16C anamorphic lens, FVD-16A and Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 as the taking lens.
Graded with Filmconvert.

Music by www.audiolapse.net (Felix Barbarino & Sebastian Bach)
Title design by Marie Parakenings (www.marieparakenings.allyou.net)

Footage available for licensing: www.filmsupply.com/filmmakers/janis-brod/618

Sound FX by Freesound users: digifishmusic, alexbird, le-abbaye-noirlac, leandros-ntounis, zabuhailo, dethrok, lodovico, karas-homemade-sfx, inspectorj, a-vdl, jdaniel199, 14fpanska-nemec-petr, cagancelik, robindavidsen, florianreichelt, blimp66


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