Mayfly With John – NOWNESS

As the upcoming guest curator for A Magazine Curated By—the fashion publication that invites a different designer to run each issue—Simone Rocha chose to focus on the themes of Ireland, Hong Kong, and family. As part of this project, she worked with director Joe Ridout on this tender and laid-back study of family and fishing, told through the eyes of John, her father (who also happens to be the acclaimed international designer.)

Speaking about his opportunity to relax with the father-daughter fashion duo, Ridout says: “Mayfly season is when folks from all over Ireland and beyond come to the storied lochs in the west of Ireland. The flies hatch on the water and become an abundant source of food for the trout down below. Ghillie’s (expert local boatmen) take fishermen out on to the water to try their hand at reeling one in. John Rocha is one such fisherman.

“We documented him enjoying his favourite pastime in his adopted country and learnt that what brings him ‘home’ is less about catching a fish and more about catching up with old friends and spending a weekend in the beautiful village of Clonbur, which comes alive for these four or so weeks of the year with specialist shops, friendly faces and pubs full of fathers, sons, friends and rivals telling tales of catches, some of which are displayed on the walls between rods, flies and photos spanning over a hundred years.”

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