Masters of Fate

Last April, I, like most folks, needed an outlet to relinquish the stress unfolding around me. All of the local gyms had shut down, and after catching COVID-19 on a work trip, I was determined to find something to break me out of the pinch I was starting to feel. Ultimately, I wanted to become the master of my own fate during a global pandemic. So I did something that as it turns out many others did as well; bought a bike. I spent the spring and summer on long trail rides at local parks grinding out the miles in the heat. The photographer inside of me couldn’t help but imagine where I would put a camera to get the perfect shot. After reconnecting with an old friend from college, who now owns a mountain bike shop in the eastern part of North Carolina; I decided that it was time to produce a film to scratch the itch. So the four of us amateurs ventured into Wilson’s Creek in Pisgah National Forest with no clue of how to make an actions sports film; and two days later this is what came of it…

Thanks to all of the amazing artist that contributed to this film.

Made In Partnership With:
Sound Design: Ryan
Music: Ryan Taubert
DP, Edit, Color:
VFX Support:

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