Marvel Super Heroes 2019 Season

Join Marvel super heroes in their fight to save the World at Disneyland Paris.

Manager Production: Carole Jublot
Producer: Standley Andy
DC: Camille DeLorean
DA: Eric Sartori
Line Producer: Amaury Quinet
Director : Günther Gheeraert
DOP: Nils Ruinet
Camera Assistant: Maxime Mogette
Technical coordination: Fabien Rogez
Key Light: Antonio Gil
Light Assistant: Gwilhem Rosemberg
Sound Engineer: Alain Vigier
Editor/VFX: Günther Gheeraert
Stylist: Nathalie Frachon
DIT: Jean-Marc Wieder

Camera: Red Gemini 5K S35
Lenses: Sigma Art Series / Canon L Series

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