Lost But Not Forgotten

A man out of place in the modern world struggles to hold on to memories of a home he lost long ago. Lost But Not Forgotten focuses on the little known story of the St Kildans, who in 1930 were forced to evacuate their remote island home, severing an ancient tie and bringing to an end an incredible story of survival.

Writer/Director – Stuart Hackshaw
DP – Alistair Little
Cast – Stephan Chase
Producer – Heeva Hamed & The Progress Film Company
AC – Shane De Almeida
Editor – Stuart Hackshaw
VO Recordist – Tony Aitken
Sound Designer – Rob Szeliga
Composer – Terence Dunn
Colourist – Philip Louis Hambi

Check out more at: https://thelostbutnotforgottenseries.com/episode-4

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