Living In The Tension | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church

When the pressure is on and emotions are high, we each have a choice in how we respond. In “Living In The Tension,” Pastor Robert Madu teaches on the art of empathy and reveals the necessity of living in both grace and truth — regardless of circumstances.

Pastor Robert addresses this challenge by taking a look at a scene in the Gospel of John. When a crowd of onlookers wanted to stone a woman, Jesus showed empathy, saw beyond her sin, and offered her grace.

God knows what you’ve done, knows what you’re going through, and still has grace for you. You don’t have to live in shame. He came so you can live in freedom — and offer it to others in turn.

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0:00 – You Have A Reason To Praise
1:44 – We’ve Got To Come Together
4:15 – Jesus Is Full of Grace and Truth (John 8 verses 1-11, John 1 verse 14)
7:17 – Living In The Tension
9:18 – Seeing Jesus From All Angles
12:02 – Jesus Knows How You Feel
15:08 – Balancing Grace and Truth
21:00 – Do You Know How To Live In The Tension?
25:15 – Jesus Isn’t Shocked By Your Sin
28:42 – You Can’t Trap Jesus
31:50 – The God You Can Trust
33:57 – THIS Is How We Should Respond
37:31 – Don’t Miss Jesus’ Response
40:10 – Jesus Came Down To Where We Were
42:00 – We All Need To Take A Look At Ourselves
44:16 – He Is Handling What You Are Crying Over
46:42 – An Opportunity For Grace

Living In The Tension | Pastor Robert Madu | Elevation Church

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