Little By Little | Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. | Elevation Church

Faith, change, growth…it all happens little by little. In this message from Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of VOUS Church, we’re shown how faith isn’t an event, but a process – and that your waiting isn’t wasted.

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Section Titles
0:00 – It’s Not Too Late For Favor
2:48 – Let’s Welcome Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.
3:52 – Thank You For Leading The Way
8:17 – Finish Strong Today (Mark 8, verses 22-26)
10:25 – Little By Little
11:41 – When The Growth Is Gradual
14:50 – Why Am I Struggling With My Faith?
16:46 – You’ve Come A Long Way
18:23 – I Can Teach You How To Grow
19:57 – God Uses People (Mark 8, verse 22)
22:28 – Will You Collect Titles or Testimonies?
25:08 – Jesus Came To Touch Your Broken Places
30:50 – Your Environment Matters (Mark 8, verse 23)
32:36 – Why We Need Faith
35:37 – Stop Comparing Your Growth To Theirs (Mark 8, verse 23)
38:06 – What Do You See? (Mark 8, verse 24)
41:10 – This Year Has Taken A Lot
42:40 – You Can Get It Back (Mark 8, verse 25)
45:28 – God Wants To Restore Us
48:10 – Are You On The Brink of Giving Up?
50:50 – Restoration Is Possible For You (Mark 8, verse 26)
52:37 – Don’t Celebrate The Wrong Thing
54:57 – It’s Going To Happen Little By Little

Little By Little | Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. | Elevation Church

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