Let’s Face It | Larry Brey | Elevation Church

The thing that’s been holding you back? It’s time to face it.
In “Let’s Face It,” Elevation Matthews Pastor, Larry Brey, shows us how our shame and rejection can hold us back from God’s plan for our future.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Introduction
2:32 – My Answer Is Yes, Lord
3:22 – For Me, I Was In A Lonely Place
5:33 – Do You Feel Alone or Like An Outcast? (Exodus 3, verses 1-6)
8:07 – Let’s Face It
10:44 – What Shame Causes You To Do
12:20 – You’ve Been Believing A Lie (Exodus 4, verse 10; Acts 7, verse 22)
14:37 – Are You Drowning In Your Insecurity? (Exodus 2, verses 1-10)
17:00 – Abandoned Dreams
19:29 – I Don’t Want To Hand It Over
21:21 – Trying To Remember Who You Are
23:04 – Knowing Your Purpose (Acts 7, verses 23-25)
24:42 – They Weren’t There For Me! (Acts 7, verses 26-27)
26:27 – What Voice Is Causing Your Doubt?
28:15 – Don’t Forfeit Your Identity (Acts 7, verses 28-29)
30:17 – Stepping Into An Unfamiliar Place
32:28 – The Dangerous Kind of Contentment
34:16 – Why God Calls Your Name (Acts 7, verses 30-32)
36:20 – Leave Me Alone! (Acts 3, verses 11-12)
38:00 – God Will Be With You (Exodus 3, verse 14)
39:39 – Let God Show You Who You Are (Exodus 33, verse 11)
41:03 – Losing Parts of Myself
42:45 – Where Have You Put Your Confidence?
44:46 – Let’s Face It Together

Let’s Face It | Larry Brey | Elevation Church

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