L’été et tout le reste / The Summer and All the Rest

Short / Narrative / Drama / Coming of age / 18′

Marc-Antoine and Mickael are staying every winter behind on a by tourists abandoned island. Like their friends they are also full of plans to leave for the mainland, but is Marc-Antoine able to escape his solidified routine?

Written en Directed by Sven Bresser
Cast: Marc Antoine Innocenti, Mickael Danguis Fasolo
Producer: Steven Rubinstein Malamud & Marc Bary (IJswater Films)
Cinematographer: Sam du Pon
Sound design: Marco Vermaas
Sound recording: Gijs Domen
Editor: Lot Rossmark
Production Design: Maeve Human
First AD: Terry Maurel
Line producer: Benthe van Wallenburg

Original Music by
Mammane Sanni Abdoulaye

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