Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn: Government in 'complete disarray' – BBC News

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says “we are in an extremely serious and unprecedented situation” and accuses the government of being in “complete disarray”.

He says it has been apparent “for weeks” that the deal would not be satisfactory to the Commons, yet the vote was pulled at the last minute.

He says the Irish Taoiseach has said there can be no changes made to the backstop. He asks if the deal in “front of this House” is not “off the table” but is instead being brought back later on.

“This is a bad deal for Britain, a bad deal for our economy, and a bad deal for our democracy,” Mr Corbyn states.

He says that if the prime minister cannot negotiate an acceptable deal then “she must make way”. He adds that the PM must work on building consensus in the Commons.

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