Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: 'Rehashed version' of May's deal – BBC News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the PM’s proposals are just a “rehashed version” of the withdrawal agreement negotiated by his predecessor, Theresa May, and are actually “worse”.

He tells MPs: “Deal or no deal, this government’s agenda is clear, they want a Trump-deal Brexit… that would crash our economy and rip away the standards that put a floor under people’s rights at work [and] protect our environment.”

He adds: “No Labour MP can support such a reckless agreement that would be used as a spring board to attack standards and rights in this country.”

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Jeremy Corbyn says the response of the EU so far had been “lukewarm” but the business community in Northern Ireland had been loud in their disapproval.

“These plans are simply unworkable,” says the Labour leader.

“What we have before us is not a serious proposal to break the deadlock… it is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the prime minister to shift the blame for his failure to deliver.”

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