La Doña – Le Lo Lai (Official Music Video)

La Doña’s 1st single off of her upcoming EP!

Le Lo Lai is a hyphy tale of La Doña’s romantic ventures; it plays with the player/pimp trope in hip hop and embues it with her signature radical feminist perspective.The song is at once hyphy, sharp, and funny, and, coupled with the music video realized by an all-female crew, is a demonstration of Frisco hard-girl pride.

(Doña, Doñita, con adeyemi on the beat
La Doña cantando, la gente preguntando cosas de mi vida, espere a que te los diga)

Lelolai 8x

Verse 1
You’re so sweet, just like that
You don’t cause problems and you don’t talk back
I’m here for a week if you wanna take me out,
Show you what a real hyphy bitch about
You’re so sweet, just like that
You said will I visit, I said maybe not
Hard to leave Frisco but maybe i’ll try
See little daddy just one more time

Half Chorus
Lelolai 4x

Verse 2
I got a weekend off and I flew to LA
Met up a dude who was really hella great
Nice and brown and tall like me
Played the drums like a motherfuckin g
It was only two days but I think i really miss him
Thinking about how we fucked in his kitchen
I wanna go see him I wanna go back
Get in his kitchen and fix me a snack

Refrain 1
Mi vida ven pa’ ca un momentito
Quiero robarte un besito,
con amor y dulzura,
Quieres probar mi agua pura

Verse 3
I took a vacation and went to Puerto Rico
Alla conoci un papi super rico
Employed by FEMA to aid in reconstruction
We drank gasolina till I could barely function
Then ol’ boy started talking about our wedding
I said are you joking, you must be fucking kidding
I’m here for vacation, I’m here for a week
And I’m never getting married, what the fuck did you think?

Nos queda no mas una noche, pa hacer lo que sea sin reproche
Usandote como eres mia, tu y yo en la noche fria 2x

Le lo lai 8x

(wow te gusta eso, no? Puro chisme guey! Hyphy playgirl la doña)

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