Kristen Hancher & Austin Hare Share Their Favorite Things to Do Together!! | Hollywire

Kristen Hancher is in the Hollywire studio!! We play Hollywords with her and find out her favorite fashion trends! We discuss her career and how she built her following. We also talk about her Tic Too collab with Nicki Minaj and her best tips for the app. She reveals to us her favorite hair color and which color she would choose for the rest of her life. Her boyfriend Austin Hare joins her in the interview!
Kristen Hancher is originally from Canada and has a younger brother named Derek, Kristen first came to fame during her video days where the star has videos of her lip synching. Later, we see Kristen on the TikTok app continuing her work from and soon after Kristen joins Youtube where she regularly uploads videos on music, lifestyle, fashion, and other fun things. Kristen can even be seen on shows such as Misshaps, Mani, and Troubled youth! Kristen’s Instagram, Youtube, and twitter all have millions of followers and subscribers!

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