King Of The Arena – NOWNESS

Domou Walo, one of the many young Senegalese men fighting for a better life in the country’s capital of Dakar, believes that wrestling is not simply a pastime, but a destiny. British filmmaker Tom Sweetland captures the athleticism, ritual, violence, and brotherhood that underpins the sport, where the young challengers train to improve their family’s lot in a country where many survive on an average income of only $10 a day. Six figure prizes for the top fighters have now become the norm. alking about his portrait of this close-knit sporting community, Sweetland explains: “Originating as a seasonal competition to test the skills and strength of young Senegalese men once the hard-graft of the harvest was over, the traditional sport has evolved into a frenzied combo of boxing and grappling. As a sport, it is close to the heart of both ancient and modern Senegal.”

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