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On the big screen, Thanos is beating Tony 1:0 thanks to that universe-halving Snap at the close of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ – but how do the actors who play the MCU’s wise-cracking hero and its most formidable villain compare offscreen? As we head into the ‘Endgame,’ we crunched the numbers to see who comes out on top when you pit Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., against Josh Brolin. First, we look at their box office scores, then at their Tomatometer and most iconic roles, and finally we settle things with a wild card round. It’s Marvel’s Big Mouth vs. Marvel’s Big Bad, and only one can rise from the dust victorious.

Hosted by: Mark Ellis
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Burn Me Out by Jared Kahelemauna Palomar, Daniel Ryan Murphy, Anthony David Sanudo
Jack Hammer Hymn by Thomas Bergersen
Always and Forever by Blues Saraceno, Stephen Robinson Bertrand
Age of Mullet by Kyle White, Daniel Carl Holter
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