Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit deal: "Failed and miserable" negotiations – BBC News

Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn says “nothing has changed” and says that while the government says rejecting the deal would send the country “back to square one…the truth is we’ve never got beyond square one”.

He says the deal marks the end of “failed and miserable negotiations” and has resulted in a deal that “leaves us with the worst of all worlds, no say over future rules and no certainty for the future”.

He says silence from the rest of the Cabinet is “telling” because they know the deal will leave the country “worse off”, citing research that shows the economy would be 3.9% smaller after the deal.

He says carrying on with the deal is “national self harm” and calls for a “plan B”.

“There is”, he says, “a sensible deal that could win the support of this House” including a customs union and “a strong single market deal” that would protect rights at work.

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