J.Views (ft. Benja Lyman) – We Moved (Official Music Video)

WE MOVED is a music video for the NY based artist J.Viewz. It blends video footage of live dancers with specially created animation. For this project, we’ve requested from fans all over the world to send us videos of themselves dancing as if they are not afraid in various locations in the world. We’ve received tons of footage, both professional and amateur from around the globe which inspired us during the production.

Directed by Tal Zagreba & Niv Shpigel
Concept: Tal Zagreba & Jonathan Dagan
Animation Director: Niv Shpigel
VFX & Compositing: Shannon Wilkerson, Tomer Epshtein, Niv Shpigel, Omer Ben David
VFX Supervision: Vico Sharabani, The-Artery.com
3D Artist: Shannon Wilkerson
2D Animation: Lior Wolf
Editing: Niv Shpigel
Storyboard: Niv Shpigel
Color Grading: Jonathan Dagan
Cinematography (NY): Roy Rochlin
Cinematography (LA): Fernando Hernandez
LA Unit Production: Jorge Granados Ross, Rodrigo Bonilla, Chris Roewe, Nikola Todorovic, Tye Sheridan
Co-Producers: The-Artery, Great Guns
Produced by J.Views

Special thanks to you fearless dancers. Your dancing has not only inspired us, but your moves have inspired a movement which will hopefully help to disrupt the growing feeling of separation among us.

More very special thanks: Justin Bolognino @ Meta, Rinat & Hannah @ Of Course, Rachel, Richard, Helen, Gabe, Katie @ Global Citizen, Assaf Dagan, Netta Gross & Ander Echezarreta @ Google, Jorge Granados Ross, Tye Sheridan, Yambo, Isca Mayo, Ofek Gilboa, Alex Zagreba, Dina Blich, Shay Zagreba, Getta Rosenzweig, Suzy Rollins, Erin Dougherty, Rachel K. Simanjuntak.

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