It's Your Time | Larry Brey | Elevation Church

Whether you’re facing loneliness or disappointment or fear… God sees you.

Elevation Matthews Campus Pastor, Larry Brey, shares that no matter what season you find yourself in, it’s still your time. God wants to connect with you – and work through you – in every situation.

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0:00 – Welcome To Church!
1:26 – Are You Addicted To Your Thoughts?
3:13 – It’s Your Time (John 2, verses 1-5)
6:00 – Do You Go To Jesus As A Last Option?
8:00 – Seeing Who Jesus Really Is
9:35 – Flip Your Perspective (John 2, verse 11)
11:09 – Familiarity Can Be The Enemy of Faith
12:25 – God Reveals Himself Through Relationship (John 1, verses 45-50)
15:05 – He Sees You
17:13 – This Is Progressive Revelation 
19:02 – Do You Need To Change Your Definition?
21:00 – Your Problems Matter To God (John 2, verses 6-11)
24:07 – Enjoying What You’ve Been Given
25:40 – Knowing Where It Came From
27:45 – What Do You Believe?
30:04 – So That You May Believe (John 20, verses 30-31)
32:10 – Jesus Sees You In Your Pain (John 19, verse 26)
35:00 – God Is Calling You By Name

It’s Your Time | Larry Brey | Elevation Church

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