Igneous Skis

In 1996, Mike Parris worked as a robotics engineer at Carnegie Mellon. While he developed technology used on the Mars rover expeditions, his friends began building custom skis that would allow them to ride the terrain Jackson Hole had to offer. Mike pitched in with his mechanical expertise now and then to help design the equipment and process, ultimately leaving behind his career in robotics to create handcrafted skis that would forever leave a mark on the ski industry.

Igneous Skis was founded by Mike’s friend, Adam Sherman, and is now operated by Mike Parris in Jackson, WY where he customizes only 100 pairs of skis each season, carefully tailoring each pair entirely by hand.

NeverGroomed.com offers skiers an elite collection of handmade skis designed to perform in the wildest mountains and most demanding conditions. By embracing the labor-intensive craftsmanship of smaller, independent brands, NeverGroomed is making fresh tracks in an industry dominated by mass-produced skis.

A film by WZRD

Produced by NeverGroomed.com

Galen Knowles @gknowproductions

Executive Producer
Jason Maupin

Additional Cinematography
Phil Hessler & Ian Avery-Leaf

Nikki Hessler

Craig Murdock: https://soundcloud.com/craigmurdock
Royal Deluxe from MusicBed.com

Austin Federa


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