Icaria – NOWNESS

For this editorial partnership between NOWNESS and the Manchester International Festival, Emmy-nominated director Fx Goby breathes new life into the time-honored Greek myth of Icarus, a young man who flew too close to the sun.

Icaria features a solo dancer who transforms into a shapeshifting silhouette that crumples, tenses and flexes in time to a dark and triumphant electronic soundtrack from French composer Clément Chassaing.

Fx Goby created Icaria in response to the world premiere of Alphabus, a Manchester International Festival-commissioned show that unites transatlantic street dance with poetry, choreographed by Flex dance pioneer Reggie ‘regg roc’ Gray. “I was inspired by Reggie’s contemporary take on old myths,” says Fx Goby. “I then became interested in revisiting the myth of Icarus through dance.”

“I was particularly struck by the energy and grace of one of the Alphabus dancers, Yandass, who stars in Icaria,” Fx Goby continues. “Yandass brings great sensitivity and emotion. Her dance is complemented by original music that adds power and gravity to the film.”

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