I Met Dream In Real Life

I met Dream in real life finally… We’ve been online friends for what feels like my whole life and this is our first time meeting in peson. This was one of the best weeks of my life.

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Friends in this video:
Dream: @Dream
Sapnap: @Sapnap
Wilbur Soot: @Wilbur Soot
Karl: @Karl
Quackity: @Quackity

I’ve been trying to fly to America for years now and now I’m finally able to! I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to my friends and family and not only flew but MOVED to Orlando, Florida with two of my best friends in the world.

These are some of the happiest memories of my life that I will remember and cherish forever. Thank you for every single person who has come along on this crazy journey with me. From gaming and playing Minecraft on my computer to actually physically meeting the friends who I started this all with is actually insane.

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Thanks to Glass Animals for letting me use their song Heat Waves!

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