I Dream of Ecuador

This film was made as a proof of concept for a tourism campaign that never came to be. Compiled from b-roll from another shoot, a script was made and the film was edited to hopefully reshoot, with better logistics, storyboarding and planning. But after a year of countless meetings with the Ecuador Ministry of Tourism, and constant “carrot on a stick” promises they have not followed through as they promised, so I have decided to abandon the larger project and release this on my own.

Despite its​ non-perfect execution, I like this film because I love Ecuador and I think a lot of people don’t realize​ how much this country has to offer.​ The script was crafted as a love letter to this country and is supported by imagery that hopefully shows this as well.

Music for this film is provided courtesy of our subscription with MusicBed. Almost all of the songs to my award-winning films have come from them. If you need music for your own videos, get a free trial here using this link!

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