I Didn't See That Coming! | Pastor Dharius Daniels | Elevation Church

We never know how God is going to move. In “I Didn’t See That Coming!” Pastor Dharius Daniels of Change Church teaches us that, if we want to be used by God, we need to be willing to be disrupted.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – I Didn’t See That Coming (Exodus 13, verses 17-18)
2:28 – God Is Unpredictable
6:38 – Can You Handle Disruption?
9:15 – You Weren’t Designed To Carry That
11:24 – Managing The Unexpected
14:40 – Experiencing Divine Delays
17:28 – Why Am I In This Wilderness? (Exodus 13, Verse 18)
20:24 – This Is A Season of Preparation
23:18 – What Is God Pruning Right Now?
26:22 – How To Manage The Surprise Season (Exodus 16, verse 31)
35:24 – God Has Prepared You For This
40:11 – A Divine Deposit of Resilience

I Didn’t See That Coming! | Pastor Dharius Daniels | Elevation Church

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