Human Architecture

Cities breathe. They are as alive and individualistic as people. They change from heaviness to lightness and lightness to heaviness in the speed of thought and bring out different sides of inhabitants to the surface.

They are life set in concrete, listen closely and you will hear them sigh.


9 Days – 37 hours of actual flying time – 30 hours of transit – 4 cities.

Through the film,I wanted to make a visual comparison between lightness and heaviness. I travelled to Iceland and Hong Kong trying to visually understand what does it mean to be heavy and busy and compare it to emptiness and lightness.

Shot, Edited, Directed : Karim Shaaban
Script: Jana el Sokkary
VO: David Warner
Sound Design: Fady Garas & Gareth Wood
Sound Mix: Gareth Wood
Music: Khaled El Kammar
Sound Studio: The Sound Company UK
Grading: Ahmed Essam
The full story and the joureny of producing the film:

Aerial Photographry for the same frames that i shot in the film dedicated for each city i visited :
Aerial Photography In Hong Kong

Aerial Photography In Iceland

Extra Photography dedicated for each city ( Shot by fuji X100f)


Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Taxi ( Photo Story)

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