How Taron Egerton Became Elton John For Rocketman | Rotten Tomatoes

Rocketman star Taron Egerton takes the stage and reveals how he became larger-than-life singer and musician Elton John for Rotten Tomatoes’ “Becoming” series. How much did The Lion King impact him? When did he first Elton John? What songs did he sing for his auditions? And how many hundred times has Elton made Taron blush so far?

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Naked State by Matthew De Bracey Backer
Marry Me by Stephen Emil Dudas & Mark G Hart
Pay No Mind by Rex Paul Schnelle
Down But Not Out by Phillmore Oakes
Believe It by Wendy Page, James Fenton Marr, Elizabeth Hooper, & Andrew Bojanic
Home by A. Void & James Edward McLean
Courtesy of Extreme Music

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